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To File a Compliment
If you feel a member of the Mount Olive Twp. Police has performed a service that deserves recognition and would like to compliment him or her you may:

  • Call the department at 973-691-0850 and speak with the Shift Supervisor
  • Send a letter to 204 Flanders Drakestown Rd., Budd Lake, NJ 07828

    Please include the date, time and location of incident as well as the officer's name and badge number if know. Your compliment will be forwarded to the officer and his or her supervisor.

    Internal Affairs Resources

    MOPD 2017 Internal Affairs Summary

    MOPD Citizen Complaint Information Form

    A Citizen's Guide to Internal Affairs
    By Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.

    NJ Attorney General Internal Affairs Policy & Procedures

    MCPO Internal Affairs Complaint/Report Form

    MCPO Internal Affairs General Info
    All citizen complaints will be documented and investigated.

    Complaints will be accepted in person, over the phone, in writing or through a third party.

    Anonymous complaints, or from persons who wish their names to be in confidence, will be accepted for investigation.

    Complaints will be accepted any time.

    Complaints will be accepted regardless of the age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or immigration status of the complaining party.

    Officers will not attempt to resolve a complaint or discuss the merits of a complaint with the complainant, but will accept the complaint and then promptly notify a supervisor.

    No member of the department (other than a duly assigned internal affairs officer) will have contact with a complaining party or witness after a citizen's complaint is received, except at the direction of the Chief of Police.

    Complaints will be accepted regardless of what biographical information the complainants wish to withhold from the officer receiving the complaint.

    Click HERE to view the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

    It is the policy of this agency to accept and investigate all complaints of alleged officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen or agency employee. Following a thorough and impartial examination of the available factual information, the case report will include a final disposition. If discipline is in order, it shall be administered according to the degree of misconduct.

    It is the policy of this department that officers and employees, regardless of rank, shall be subject to disciplinary action for violating their oath and trust. Committing an offense punishable under the laws of the United States, the State of New Jersey, or municipal ordinances constitutes a violation of that oath and trust. Officers are also subject to disciplinary action for failure, either willfully or through negligence or incompetence, to perform the duties of their rank or assignment. In addition, officers may be disciplined for violation of any rule and regulation of the department or for failure to obey any lawful instruction, order or command of a superior officer or supervisor. Disciplinary action in all matters will be determined based upon the merits of each case.

    It is the policy of this agency that prevention is the primary means of reducing and controlling misconduct. To that end, it is the policy of this agency to discover and correct organizational conditions, which permit the misconduct to occur. Special emphasis is placed on recruitment, selection and training of officers and supervisors, community outreach and the analysis of misconduct complaints and their outcome.

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