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The following is a list of awards and their criteria.

Medal of Honor

The department's Medal of Honor is awarded for an outstanding act in the line of duty, at imminent personal hazard of life, with full knowledge of the risk involved.

Combat Cross

The department's Combat Cross Medal is awarded to any member for the successful performance of an act of extraordinary heroism while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary at imminent personal hazard of life in the performance of duty.

Wounded in Combat

The department's Combat Medal is awarded for a wound received in the line of duty, inflicted intentionally by an adversary, resulting in severe puncture wounds, lacerations, fractures, or concussion.

Life Saving Medal

The Life Saving Medal is awarded to any member of the force whose prompt and alert action, through disregard of personal safety, or through prompt and alert action, results in saving a life.

Exceptional Duty Award

The Exceptional Duty Award is given for a highly creditable accomplishment, bringing public acclaim to himself, his department or the police profession, as a result of training, devotion to duty or service to the public.

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is given for a highly unusual accomplishment, under adverse conditions, with some degree of hazard to life and limb, or where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Honorable Service Award

The Honorable Service Award is given for a credible act in the line of duty, which meets some, but not all of the requirements of other medals, or for an unusual act showing initiative and accomplishment.

Grand Cordon Award

The Grand Cordon Award is given for participation of an individual member of an operating unit in a cited action.

Military Service Citation

The Military Service Citation is given to any member of the department that served honorably in the Nations Armed Forces. Special recognition for service in Viet Nam, Desert Storm and Bosnia are signified by the "V", "DS" or "B".

K-9 Commendation Award

The K-9 Commendation Award is given for successfully aiding and/or assisting to overcome any dangerous encounter through the coordinated team of officer and dog.

Educational Achievement Award

The Educational Achievement Award is given to any member of the force who has achieved an Associates Degree or higher in Police Science, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Penology, Sociology, Law or other degree related to the profession.

Program Development Award

The Program Development Award is given for developing a program, method, or device for the department through initiative, effort or ingenuity.

Physical Fitness Award

The Physical Fitness Award will be awarded annually to any member of the department who participates in seven out of the seven established physical fitness events and scores a combined average of 80% or higher on those events. This award recognizes members of the department who are dedicated to maintaining a higher level of physical fitness and who exhibit a high level of physical endurance.

Physical Fitness Longevity Award

The Physical Fitness Longevity Award will be presented to any officer who achieves the Physical Fitness Award 20 times in his or her career.

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