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Captain Carl Juhls

Carl Juhls was born on April 17th 1942. During his early years Carl’s family lived in Newark, New Jersey. In 1954 his family moved to Mt. Olive and settled in the area around Budd Lake. His father was the owner and operator of “Juhls Budd Lake Inn.” The inn was located on Mt. Olive Road just off Rt. 46. (The inn is no longer in operation and the Lucky Garden Restaurant now stands in its place.) Budd Lake was a busy summer resort area from the 1930’s until the end of the 1950’s. Juhls Budd Lake Inn would have served the local residents and the seasonal tourists who spent the summer months in and around Budd Lake.

In 1964 Carl began his career with the Mt. Olive Police Department. He was hired as a Special Officer and worked in that capacity until 1967. During that year Chief Roger Stephens hired Carl as a full time Police Officer. He attended the New Jersey State Police Academy in Sea Girt and graduated in the 100th Municipal Police Class. He then returned to Mt. Olive where he was one of only six full-time officers.

Carl only worked four years as an officer before he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1971. During the 1970’s Mt. Olive was a small but growing department and had around fifteen officers. In 1973 Carl was one of the officers who assisted when a tornado damaged eighteen homes in the Clover Hill section of Flanders. In 1974 he assisted in the rescue of Corky the horse. Corky had wandered onto an ice covered pond in Flanders. The weight of the horse caused the ice to crack and Corky landed in the pond. Carl was one of many police and fire personnel that assisted in the two plus hour rescue.

In 1978 Carl was again promoted. He was given the rank of Lieutenant. In 1979 Carl was “Acting Chief” as Chief Roger Stephens was retiring. Carl was again promoted in 1980 to Captain. William Bielecki was now the chief. But when chief Bielecki left the department, Carl again found himself in the Acting Chief’s position. He held that position from 1984 to 1986. During that time Carl hired several officers. Several of those officers he hired are presently still working for the department. They are: Det. Mark Smith, Det. Peter Yagiello, Det. James Dunn and Officer Laurie Shuren.

During the early 1980’s roller skating was a popular past time. Carl was a regular at the Flanders Roller Skating Center located on Rt. 206. Carl himself was not a skater, but he often worked there providing security. In doing so he became well known to the youth and the adults that frequented the roller rink.

While serving the department, Carl received numerous letters of commendation from community groups and other law enforcement agencies including the F.B.I. He also earned departmental awards including a Heroic Service Award and a Meritorious Service.

During his off duty hours, Carl was also a member of the Budd Lake Fire Department and the First aid Squad. He also spent time coaching little league baseball in town.

Carl is married to his wife Linda who herself also worked for the police department as a police matron.

They have two children, Carl and Christopher. Chris serves in the United States Marine Corp as an instructor in the tank division. Carl Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and is a police officer. He currently serves with the Atlanta Police Department as a S.W.A.T. officer.

Captain Carl Juhls retired from the department in July 1991. He will always be remembered as “Happy Cappy” and for being “one of the guys”.

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